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14 February 2013


(belian dozen)

Polla! Anti-Acne and Whitening Day Cream 5g/.2oz
Polla Anti-Acne and Whitening Day Cream is specially formulated to give you maximum relief from acne, and to give your skin a visibly lighter and clearer radiance when you use it daily.

INGREDIENTS: Kojic acid, a fast-acting anti-acne agent and whitener. allantoin extract, a natural anti-aging agent, Vitamin C whitener, and Vitamin B3.

FOR BEST RESULTS: After cleansing your face in the morning, gently massage a small amount into your skin where needed, until completely absorbed. For optimum whitening and acne free results, use with Polla Anti-Melasma Night Cream.

Banish the acne you don't need and get the visibly lighter, radiant skin you deserve!

Polla! Anti-Melasma New Night Cream 5g/.2oz
Polla New-Night Anti-Melasma Cream is a specially-formulated night cream designed to whiten your skin as you sleep!

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Concentrations of Arbutin (Bearberry Extract), a powerful and safe skin whitener, Vitamins E and B3 and titanium oxide, a UV protector.

FOR BEST WHITENING RESULTS: Use the tip of your finger on your dark spots and areas, and massage in gently. Use with  Polla Anti-Acne and Whitening Day Cream for 24-hour whitening.

Now you can wake up to a lighter, more even complexion and radiant skin!

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