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16 June 2013

L-gluta berry plus


3KOTAK : RM150


L-Gluta Berry Plus.

"Minuman kecantikan" L-Gluta Berry Plus.

Campuran jus kolagen dari ikan 3000 mg. 'S Juga kaya dengan ekstrak 4 Berry yang menyediakan banyak antioksidan. Ia membantu untuk menjaga kulit anda berseri, kulit licin putih seperti kulit kembali ke zaman kanak-kanak lagi.

Bukan sahaja jus rasa yang hebat. Tetapi jus yang mengandungi glutathione, glutation.

Membantu kulit untuk menjadi bersih dan licin. Pemutihan kulit secara beransur-ansur.

 Vit C ditambah kekuatan untuk kolagen. Meningkatkan glutation penapaian berfungsi dengan lebih berkesan.

Dan nilai Bersama ditambah - Enzime Q10 membantu mengurangkan kedutan dan melambatkan penuaan kedutan kulit.

  Mengesyorkan minum L-Gluta Berry Plus (L - Glutathione Beri Plus) 1 pek sehari setiap hari untuk membantu meningkatkan makanan untuk kulit anda. Memastikan kulit kulit yang licin dan jelas seperti remaja . Jurong adalah cahaya berseri untuk aura anda selama 24 jam penuh dalam pakej mudah alih. Warna dan rasa manis, masam dan menyegarkan badan.

 Bagaimana untuk minum: dibancuh dengan air panas atau air sejuk 120 ml

Sebelum sarapan pagi atau sebelum tidur. Kemudian minum segelas air.

Pembungkusan: kotak 10 paket (15g x 10).

berry plus, L-Gluta Berry Plus, Gluta Plus, L - Glutathione Berries Plus.

In one case (15,000 mg.) of L - Glutathione Berries Plus.  (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). include
Inulin / inulin.   3,350.mg.(22.33%).
Hydrolyted Fish Collagen / hydrolyzed collagen Fish House.   3,000.mg.(20.00%).
Strawberry Powder / powder strawberries.   2,000.mg.(13.33%).
Raspberry Powder / powder raspberries.   2,000.mg.(13.33%).
Cranbery Powder / powder cranberries.   2,000.mg.(13.33%).
L-Glutathione / L - Glutathione glutathione.      250.mg.(1.66%).
Pomegranate Powder / powder ruby.      150.mg.(1.00%).
Vitamin C / ascorbic acid.       60th.mg.(0.40%).
Coenzyme Q10 / coenzyme Q content.       27th.mg.(0.20%).

How to eat: tea with 120ml hot water or cold water before breakfast or at bedtime.Drinking water, one glass 
size of L - Glutathione Berries Plus.  (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ).  : box of 10 sachets (15g x 10). 
numbered address. of L - Glutathione Berries Plus.  (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ).
berry plus, L-Gluta Berry Plus, Gluta Plus, L - Glutathione Berries Plus.
produk ini selamat
kod kementerian kesihatan thailand 10-1-00152-1-0168. 
L - Glutathione Berries Plus.  (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ).  because we are not the only fruit. But the juice with collagen.  
glutathione and glutathione.  Vit. C.  adding value. 
 Co. - Enzyme Q10. , to add to your skin. To clear skin and the skin like a child. Jurong is radiant glow to your aura for 24 hours packed in a portable package. Taste sweet, sour and refreshing color to body  
L - Glutathione Berries Plus.  (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). billing, and a tribute to you today. Simple tea mixed with 1 cup of cold water, you can juice and nourish your skin. "today. Fill your own skin for a ". 
Inulin / inulin. L - Glutathione Berries Plus.  (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). helps in the absorption of calcium and magnesium.May help in the prevention of osteoporosis. Reduce the absorption of cholesterol from food and excreted in the bile. Help prevent colon cancer. Lower blood glucose by stimulating hormones in Crazy Teen (incretin) is a dietary fiber that Intestines with sweet sugary But is not digested in the gastrointestinal tract does not increase energy and sugar to the body.
 Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen / collagen from fish. L - Glutathione Berries Plus.  (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). molecules of protein. Has stimulated the growth of the skin. Retain water in the skin. Play a role in helping skin to shine. Youthful. And allows the skin to wrinkle firming. The skin moist.Allows the structure of the body and has good flexibility. Serve the cells every Cells together. Give strength to the skin. Including hair and nails. Helps restore skin cells. Allows joints. Move well. The joints in the weight.
Strawberry Powder /.  strawberry. L - Glutathione Berries Plus. (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). fruits rich in vitamin C and vitamin A in high doses which vitamin 2 a can. Antioxidants cause of cancer. Keeps skin healthy and iron, phosphorus and calcium help repair worn parts of the body. Digestive tonic. Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Allows blood and heart function effectively. 
Blueberry Powder /.  blueberry L - Glutathione Berries Plus. (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). helps maintain healthy eyes. Reduce the fatigue of the eyes. For people working in front of a computer for a long time. Bright eyes sparkling. Timid eyes unclouded prevent cataracts. Infection in the urinary tract. And reduce blood sugar. Rich in antioxidants than many other types of fruit to help control blood sugar levels and obesity. It also helps fight wrinkles caused by age, the youthful. Skin even more. 
Raspberry. Powder. . /  raspberry L - Glutathione Berries Plus.  (.L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). enriched with many benefits to the body. Rich in vitamins A and B have very high amounts of fiber, potassium, manganese, pro vitamin K or bio v. Patapsco. That help in blood clotting. Allows the chemical reactions in the body. Allows the nervous system to function effectively. With antioxidants.Tomato to 10 times lower than the risk of many diseases. Vitamin C helps the skin cells healthy. Themselves against the dark skin. Reduce wrinkles and help skin restore moisture to the skin. The skin. 
Cranberry Powder /.  cranberry L - Glutathione Berries. Plus.  (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). enriched with vitamin C. Help keep the skin moist, bright. The antioxidants in high amounts. Help slow the degeneration of cells in the body. Help in the digestive system. Helps maintain a healthy heart, always. Help prevent tooth decay.Cranberries are very high in reducing infections in the bladder. Can prevent bladder inflammation.
 L-glutathione.   /.   L - glutathione. L - Glutathione Berries Plus. (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). reduces the pigment melanin and antioxidants. Cause of the destruction of skin cells that make skin dull. Causes of dark spots and blemishes. Helps the skin to clear up. Gradually whiten skin and reduce the degeneration of cells. In the body. 
Pomegranate. Powder. . /  pomegranate L - Glutathione Berries Plus. (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). botanical extracts to nourish the skin surface. Rich in phenolic compounds, poly (Poly phenols) compounds classified as Super Anti-Oxidant and antioxidant that is very high quality. Benefits to the skin is to inhibit melanin melanin on the skin. The skin quickly. Skin pigmentation. Dark spots, as well as making skin radiant. And stimulates the production of collagen in the skin helpless. Co. - 
Enzyme Q10 / Co enzyme Q Farnsworth. L - Glutathione Berries Plus.  (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). extracts of natural antioxidants. Composed of amino acids up to 20 species helps to reduce wrinkles and slow the aging of skin cells by generating collagen in the skin. Increase the volume. Oxygen to the cells.  rejuvenate skin enhance myocardial collagen. And elastin of the skin. Keeps skin soft. Helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Help slow down the wrinkles. And the crow's feet on the face allows fabric freckles and dark spots fade. 
Vitamin C / ascorbic acid. L - Glutathione Berries Plus.  (. L-Gluta Berry Plus. ). , as antioxidants in the body.Added strength to the collagen. Enhance fermentation glutathione works more efficiently. Helps in better absorption of iron. Strengthen cell walls, the cells become stronger.

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