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berita oh belog

17 September 2013


Pos RM6 sm / RM10 ss 

This mask of Shiseido excels guaranteed all your expectations.

Forget various Stripes for the depth zone.

This mask really removes all blackheads !

In addition, she deeply penetrates into the skin, it does softly and smoothly, lightens pigment disturbances and dark places (e.g., scars)

activates the hermit monk's innovation and stimulates the blood circulation.

on the washed face apply
( besides, leave blank the ocular part and area around the mouth)
25 - 30 minutes to dry

(Then the mask can be drawn off by the sides at the middle in a piece And old skin cells and skin impurities (blackhead) stick on the mask and are pulled out.)

One pack (18ml) reaches for two applications.

Two applications per week are recommended.

Mask black mud helps to nourish the skin deeply. Keeps the skin smooth and soft. It also helps to change the shed old skin cells gently. The circulation. Perform better and also help fade wrinkles and dark spots and pimple suction and soft face. Easy to wash out the white skin like never felt before. Mark with a product that can be pulled out dead skin cells on the surface and in the pores pimple deep and soft. So far, we rarely lasting powder puff away all radiant skin in an instant. If you want a hand caressing your face, now you can experience the silky, smooth like never felt before. Cloned in front of Shiseido. (Original) extract from deep sea mud. And seaweed extracts. And nourish skin. How to squeeze out from the pack: Black Mask. Applied to the area to be used in other areas of the skin. To make permeate every pore. Then dropped a 15 - 20 minutes to dry completely (will feel tight on the front) and pull it out. From bottom to top. (Only if your nose is your nose toward the wing tip of the nose), then wash thoroughly. (If the water is very cold)


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